About Us

Who we are

Omoluwabi Farms is a family-owned and operated feedlot that specializes in the selective breeding, custom feeding and fattening of ruminants – cattle, sheep and goat.

We pride ourselves in taking great care and maintenance of our ruminants and facilities. Our knowledge and expertise over the years have allowed us to consistently grow and expand our operation to meet our ruminant feeding needs.

Our attention to detail is key in making sure we stay up to date on all aspects of the livestock feeding industry.

Our Facility

We are a 220 head facility with varying pen sizes. We pride ourselves in maintaining our pen conditions to allow the best animal comfort for the best possible performance. Our modern milling facility allows us to have a diversity of rations to best fit our livestock needs. We also have a new working facility to enhance animal welfare.

In a bid to meet our animals’ feeding and nutritional requirements, our operation is spread across two farm sites, 150 acres located in Ado Awaye, Iseyin, Oyo State, and 50 acres located in Okun Owa, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. Between these two facilities, we cultivate and store up hay, silage and grains (Brachiaria grass, Super Napier 20, Chloris Gayana, Alfalfa, Maize, and Sorghum) round the year, so livestock have the required amount of feed ratio regardless of the season.

Our Staff

With years of experience and knowledge, our personnel are highly trained and continue to learn and improve their methods to provide the best possible care.

They strive to keep our cattle healthy for maximum growth and profits. Knowledgeable Pen Managers check each pen daily to ensure our ruminants are being cared for. Our Feed Crew strives to provide the most precise rations for our ruminants to receive the highest gains attainable.

Our Veterinarian

A consulting veterinarian is on hand to provide our staff with the knowledge needed to treat our ruminants to get them back to a healthy status.

Having the experience and knowledge on hand for animal health is key in keeping disease down and success up. 

Our Nutritionist

Nutrition is key for performance and that is why our feedlot has a consulting nutritionist who works closely with our Feed Mill Manager to provide the best knowledge on feed rations and ingredients.

Sampling is done on our feed ingredients and rations to ensure we are being consistent.

Our Records

We strive to keep complete and accurate records of every animal either born on our facility or purchased from other farms.

A statement is provided with each pen that details their performance, history, weights, as well as their profit or loss.